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Keywords Defined

In the world of affiliate internet marketing, a keyword is a formal way of describing a word or a phrase entered into a search engine to return a search result. For example, if you wanted to purchase a pair of shoes to match a red dress, you could launch a search engine such as Google, and type in the word “shoes”. In this instance, “shoes” would be the keyword. This is shown below:

keyword research

While you would be likely to generate millions of results (in this instance, 594 million results!) for the term “shoes”, it may take a long time to sift through these pages and locate the right type and color of shoes. You could spend hours looking at pages of sport shoes, children’s shoes, dance shoes and so on before you come close to finding a suitable match.

A good way to improve this is to use a more specific keyword such as “red shoes”. In fact, this could be extended further to be “red platform shoes” (assuming you are actually looking for red platform shoes). Searching for multiple words or a phrase is commonly referred to as a Long Tail Keyword. By searching for a more specific phrase, the chances of finding a pair of red platform shoes are greatly improved.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is carried out by internet marketers to determine what words or phrases their potential customers might be searching for. These terms can then feature on the business owner’s website so that a search engine can match the term searched to the most relevant result. Let’s use “catering” as an example. A caterer based in New York might want to attract new customers to his or her website. This particular caterer specializes in function catering and can cater for:

  • spit roast
  • dinner parties
  • cocktail parties

Each of these types of functions could potentially be a keyword, but how would the caterer know which exact words to target?  The answer is: by doing some keyword research. This will allow the caterer to find out what his or her potential customers are typing into search engines, and how many searches are generated each month. The benefit in finding out this information is that the caterer may devote greater marketing efforts towards the types of functions that more customers are interested in.

How to Conduct Keyword Research

The most effective way to carry out keyword research is to use a keyword tool. There are both free and paid keyword tools available and both can be easily accessed by business owners. Major search engines, such as Google, offer their own free tools. Paid tools, such as Market Samurai, can usually be licensed for a year at a time and can offer a number of additional benefits for analyzing keyword data. Stay tuned for my next post where I will explore effective keyword research using one of the greatest tools on the market: Market Samurai.

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